Bereavement Counselling for children

Pre Bereavement Counselling

Individual Counselling Sessions with a child 

We offer confidential therapeutic Interventions appropriate to the child’s age, stage of development and circumstances. We give the child / young person the chance to talk about the person who is dying, express their feelings about the loss and to begin to think of ways of coping after the death. Just like adults, children and young people are affected by the life threatening illness or death of someone close.

Post Bereavement Counselling

Individual Counselling sessions with a child 

We give the child the chance to express their emotions in a safe confidential  environment that is an alternative to their own family homes. Particularly if the child is finding difficulty in opening up, they might find it easier to do so in a neutral environment, away from familiar faces. Other family members may also be finding things hard, and might not be able to comfort the child as much as they would like. We support & guide the child to explore, identify and express their thoughts and feelings. To reassure & empower the child and help them understand that their grief is a natural process.