About us

My name is Julie Greenwood;  I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor and Systemic Family Practitioner. My private practice is called Support in Grief and I offer bespoke pre & post bereavement counselling for children and families. 

I have specialised in grief counselling for over 12 years working as a “children & young people bereavement counsellor” for the Pennine Care Foundation Trust, NHS. 

I use an eclectic range of therapeutic interventions appropriate to the family’s circumstances and the child’s emotional and cognitive maturity.

A child or young person can feel confused and scared about their overwhelming feelings and intrusive thoughts. I provide grief psycho education to aid an understanding of their grieving journey. I support and help the natural grieving process to flow in the child’s individual way. I help them with the acceptance of the death and to adjust living their life without their loved one.

I offer family sessions as a death can have a huge impact on a families grief directly and indirectly; disruption of family routines and the loss of the emotional availability of a parent. I help the family enhance communication and reduce relational conflict between parents and adolescents. Communication is one key area of family relationship breakdown after a death.

A bereaved child/young person of family may be “stuck” in their grieving process or has become a way of life, unable to move forward through their grief. Unexpected bereavement, suicide and traumatic deaths can be further complicated for children and young people and families.

I offer face to face sessions at my therapy rooms based at CAYP Psychology in Whitefield, Manchester. Alternatively I offer sessions at the family’s home, school or hospice.

I also offer sessions via video call if required or preferred.

Julie Greenwood