Bereavement Counselling for adults

Acute Grief

Grief is a process experienced when losing something or someone important. Grieving is a natural healthy process but also very intense, painful and debilitating. Everyone grieves differently some cannot stop crying, others withdraw or become very angry. There is no specific right way to grieve and we, as therapists do not tell you how to grieve. Each person has a unique relationship with the person who is dying or died, has different cultures and situations. We support and help the natural process flow in your own individual way. The grieving stages are not rigid, or have a certain length of time before moving onto the next stage. The stages are like water and should be flowing at your own individual pace. We provide grief psychoeducation to aid an understanding of your grieving journey. Many people do not want to talk to their loved ones about their struggles as they “don’t want to upset them, judge or worry them”. We offer a safe place to talk about your inner feelings, thoughts, struggles in confidence. This acute grief does not last forever and the symptoms of grief are not as intense however we help you with the acceptance of the loss and adjust to your new river of life. You will never stop missing your loved one and feel heartache for ever but you will continue a relationship with your deceased in your hearts for the rest of your life.

Complicated Grief

Grief may become “Complicated Grief” if the process does not flow, the water becomes stagnant. This is when problems may occur. There are many reasons for this, one being the nature of the death. Was it a suicide? A traumatic or sudden death?  Grief can trigger: previous bereavements that may have not been processed, dormant mental illness, old traumas. Still births and child death are not expected in the circle of life and causes difficulties to progress through the stages. For whatever you personal reason the grief itself might persist far longer than it should. In therapy sessions we focus on the reasons of the complicated grief and aid the natural grieving process and coming to terms with loss.